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This game was so amazing and i look forward to seeing this game fully released


I never thought I would have seen a twerkin' peacock, yet the day has come. And it was amazing. I really enjoyed your game, colorful, charming and a nice combination of rythm (and karaoke I suppose) and platforming, well blended together. Especially the animations of Birb's buttcheeks :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, and long live twerkin' peacocks, cheers!

Thank you for the wonderful remarks :) 
Stay chirpy!


I hope you enjoy my video on your game, I loved the bouncy animations and the sounds too! I'll definitely be wondering where you take this game :) 

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We love your voice acting for Uncle Pea. Exactly what we thought he would sound like hahaha

Thank you so much! I love voice acting, and even though there were many voice breaks throughout the video, I'm glad you liked the voice I picked for him :) 


Not the best at learning moves but I do want t help Birb on its quest. :)

Did you draw that peacock on the video's thumbnail? :O
I guess it can be considered a fan-art? Hahaha

Hehe, no, not my creation. I'm not that great at drawing peacocks. :)