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Just played this twice in the first week of purchase! Been a long time since I fell in love with a game like that and I'm not even a fan of rhythm games! But this game is so many things more then I expected. The story, the dialogue, the snappy animations, the beautiful attention to detail, the puzzles, the music and of course Birb!

I'd like to see a sequel with Poot and her army of penguins. Lol

Thank you for such a lovely and fun game!

This game is the best!!!!!

This is such an adorable game!! I absolutely love it, and I think its great for younger kids to learn about music. This is an easy introduction to notes, rhythm, and maneuvering the letter keys on the keyboard. Good luck with the development, and I hope it turns out great!

Thank you! Many have given us the same comment about the game being helpful for kids. Do show this game to your nieces/nephews/children!


Such an adorable game! It's got a great balance of platforming and rhythm elements and such a charming old school feel to the art style. Definitely headed in the right direction. Good luck with development!

best voice actor ;D

LOL ;)

You know, the plushie is a splendid good idea!! :)

Dooooo ittttt :P


This game was so amazing and i look forward to seeing this game fully released


I never thought I would have seen a twerkin' peacock, yet the day has come. And it was amazing. I really enjoyed your game, colorful, charming and a nice combination of rythm (and karaoke I suppose) and platforming, well blended together. Especially the animations of Birb's buttcheeks :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, and long live twerkin' peacocks, cheers!

Thank you for the wonderful remarks :) 
Stay chirpy!


I hope you enjoy my video on your game, I loved the bouncy animations and the sounds too! I'll definitely be wondering where you take this game :) 

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We love your voice acting for Uncle Pea. Exactly what we thought he would sound like hahaha

Thank you so much! I love voice acting, and even though there were many voice breaks throughout the video, I'm glad you liked the voice I picked for him :) 


Not the best at learning moves but I do want t help Birb on its quest. :)

Did you draw that peacock on the video's thumbnail? :O
I guess it can be considered a fan-art? Hahaha

Hehe, no, not my creation. I'm not that great at drawing peacocks. :)